Paris Media One
An AI Adtech Startup

“ - Your content buddy, Create, Optimize in a Jiffy”


PARIS M1 is an AI-driven Adtech Startup.

Based out of London, Paris and New Delhi, A team of experts coming together to implement automation in content generation, optimization and Integration.

To support every business in marking their footprint on the digital map with quality, affordability and accessibility of digital services.

We create solutions in the form of services by understanding the deep need of the market by introducing automation to simplify the process and save time, money and resources of our end user.

Our Product

An SaaS based automated content generation platform


Our content generation platform helps you generate content as per your needs within seconds. Hence, content generation is the most time consumable and complex step while formulating your marketing campaigns and to overcome this complexity, we have a different set of templates such as Social, SEO, Copywriting, Ecommerce and more to generate your content and integrate the same in your desired marketing platforms.


Our platform aims to drop your cost spent on content tremendously as it not only offers content generation features but also content optimization features such as Keyword research, Keywords trends, Trending content, Landing page scoring, Content grading and more, which individually as a service cost higher on various other tools. Instead our platform offers one stop solution for all your content optimization requirements.


Our platform saves your time and money spent on various tools and resources. If you have a bulk requirement, which needs to be accomplished by a large number of teams, it would take an enormous amount of time to achieve that goal. We can streamline your team's productivity, handle bulk requirements within a day, instead of weeks, and deliver quality results when you introduce our platform to your team. Consequently, the same resources can be utilized to accomplish more business goals and become more productive.

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